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I was initially incredibly nervous to join the Mo Pi class. I had never done a fitness class before so I was really in my head about it. But the moment that I walked into the studio and was treated by Amanda, her bright and kind energy immediately washed away my nerves! Amanda was quick to catch onto my nerves and ensure that I felt completely comfortable. She also introduced me to the other students that were attending that same day and ensured we were all feeling comfortable with each other. Even though I was brand new, I felt as though I fit right in!
Amanda is so gracious to teach from the inside out. Her classes reminded me to meet my body where it's at while also congratulating myself every time I successfully completed one of the exercises in the program. It is so immensely clear that Amanda cares deeply about each and every single one of her students. There was one particular move I hadn't heard about, and Amanda took the time to explain each step, make sure I knew exactly what to do, and started once she knew I was ready. She never shamed or made me feel silly for not understanding an exercise--she continually made me feel comfortable. After the class, I couldn't help but be constantly smiling! I was so happy that I joined the class that I was already thinking about joining the next, more intense session!

Amanda's energy is exactly what I needed, and I can't wait to come back for another session!!

- Vennessa C


The Pi Movement Method has changed the way I move my body in the best way. I love coming to all three classes because I always feel better than when I get to the studio. Amanda is such an amazing instructor and I’m so blessed to have tried her classes. She puts so much work into the sequences and her energy is contagious! Thank you for sharing your passion with everyone.

- Olivia B


I took my first Pi class in February
I was petrified. I was recovering from an illness and I had not be active for 3 years. My goal was to take the time for myself to gain my
strength back. I spoke to Amanda and told her I felt old and out of shape. She didn’t buy any of it. She told me to get my butt on the mat.

The absolute queen of Pi Amanda’s energy is great, her classes are amazing and you'll feel like a million bucks when you leave.

Amanda thank you for always pushing me even when I have no faith in myself.

- Lisa M


Amanda is an AMAZING teacher! I love her classes and the
wonderful energy and motivation she brings into every class. Her approach to provide variations to movements allows for a wide range of students to participant- from young to old and from beginners to advanced.
Amanda also uniquely shines in her ability to encourage students to move away from self-judgment and into a place of self-acceptance and gratitude.

- Lisa N


If you are new to Pilates or looking for an exercise routine where you can meet your body where it's at then look no further! The Pi Movement Method is for you. Amanda is such an energetic , motivating instructor that helps you to take your exercise routine to the next level. Classes are tailored to be modified and meet a range of fitness levels, which is great to see yourself improving week over week. I love, love LOVE the Pi Movement Method and know you will too!

- Juliana P


The Pi Movement Method is so amazing. I took my first classes with Amanda and they were absolutely amazing. She makes it so accessible to everyone and such a safe space! I come from a sports and lifting background so I was very intimidated to try something new and Amanda made me feel so comfortable and she really does meet you where you are at in a judgement free zone! Highly recommend to anyone looking to try Pilates!

- Sam B


The Pi Movement method with Amanda really made me fall in love with pilates. She is an amazing instructor & was super motivating. Amanda really teaches you to work with your body levels working to your own intensity. She will be my go to instructor when taking a pilates class. Her high energy gives me the energy I need to push myself & succeed with her teaching the ins and outs of successful movement!

- Tori A


The new Pi-Method that our instructor, Amanda, has created welcomes all people at any level. Amanda assures that everyone is accommodated and feels welcomed and comfortable in her classes. She continues to bring the utmost energy and positive vibrations to each of her classes. Amanda never fails to challenge us constantly. I look forward to coming weekly for her classes!

- Sehar H


Amanda’s Pi Movement Method classes has been such an amazing part of my fitness/health journey. Her classes are catered towards all levels and is very accessible to everyone. I’ve seen such a great progress regarding my stability, strength and mobility. I highly recommend her classes!!!

- Maha H


The space that Amanda provides her students is beyond none! I can guarantee you are going to feel so physically go after one of her classes, but what I love most, is the positive mindset she brings to each & every workout! My first class I 100% bawled happy tears at the end because I felt all the stress from the day to day grind evaporate & was left feeling uplifted & like I matter! The program itself too was such a good sweat, regardless of the level you are doing. Amanda’s brings fun & positivity to the classes & you can feel her passion in the programs & whT she brings to the room each class! 20/10 would recommend taking many of Amanda’s classes!!!

- Miss J


Amanda's Pi Movement Method caters to all skill levels and encourages you to meet your body where it's at. The studio atmosphere is welcoming and supportive. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their flexibility, core strength, and overall well-being

- Alex D


As a newcomer to pilates, I was initially worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the movements. However, Pi Movement Method has become a staple in my fitness routine! It is so accessible and accommodating to all bodies. Thank you to Amanda for providing this safe and welcoming environment. She has created such a fun set of classes and is always so encouraging towards her students!

- Emily R


The Pi Movement Method with Amanda is a phenomenal movement experience that is both challenging and rewarding. I like challenging myself to try everything, and I always feel so good after each class. Overall, this is an amazing wellness routine!

- Loredana B


The unique LoPi, MoPi, HiPi classes, developed by Amanda-Marie Quintino; a harmony of body movements that will challenge you in new, fusion ways. Every movement holds space for individual bodies to adapt and accommodate, and classes seem available for all. Amanda herself is a force to be reconked with; loud, in all the right ways, with a backdrop of music to match, she reminds you at the start of every class, that there are two guides in this practice-- her, and you-- and to always listen to your body as you flow. Amanda's energy is truly infectious, in the "I want what she's having" way, that will have you flock to these classes. What personally drew me to check Pi Movement Method out, was prior experience with Amanda-- her bright colours and bright personality that moves you through every ab exercise, with support-- and the energy she brings to the mat. Again, without judgement of anyone that's sweating on a mat in front of her, even if their legs are not as straight, their roll ups, not as flawless. This is a caring and accessible movement method for all. Highly recommend.

- Lori A


Amanda is such a talented and dynamic individual that shines throughout her classes. The level of encouragement and energy she brings to her own unique style of movement is for EVERYbody! Love you!

- Rachel M


I went to the open house at Coloured Soul Yoga and Wellness and I tried the teaser classes for LoPi, MoPi, and HiPi. I enjoyed them all. Amanda leads her classes with a contagious energy that will inspire, motivate, and empower you to be your fullest expression of yourself. These classes are a great way to tone your body, to regain or improve mobility, strength, comfortability and confidence in certain positions or movements. No matter your fitness level, there is a class suitable for you.
- Graeme M
Amanda brings her bubbly personality, positivity, and inclusivity to each class. Her classes are always so fun and go by like a flash while working muscles you never even knew you had. I can’t wait for more Pi classes!
- Julia C
I’ve been taking Amanda’s classes for months now and am impressed that I already feel stronger and have less of those middle aged pains. Her positive energy and constant updates to the program make her classes one of my favourite parts of the week! She is a force.
- Kate J
What a great space to move and strengthen your body! Amanda has great energy and always promotes honouring your body where it’s at. Being grateful when we make it to the mat for our practice is the first step!
- Nadine C
Amanda (aka AMQ) and her Pi Movement Method is perfect for everyBODY, but especially for those who struggle with their relationship with their body and movement. Having been & still through the struggles herself, she speaks to coming to your mat from a place of love (hence her cool down song “Came here for love”). It’s simple affirmations and reminders like:
- There are two guides. Me and you. Your job is to listen to your body and what it needs
- Your journey, your pace
- All our bodies are different, so we aren’t going to look the same
- High fives and thumbs up during table top to remind ourselves that we’ve got this!
that make her so special. Keep shining bright like a diamond and sharing your experiences, truth, affirmations, and being you! Her newest addition, Pi in the Park, is a great way to challenge your balance a little more on uneven ground and enjoy some fresh air while carving out some time for yourself!
- Jessica S